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Dear General Public

I have a question, and it would be beyond amazing if you guys gave me a serious answer because alskdjf this is for an assignment-type deal.

If you were going on a tour of a Japanese company that makes silicon products and you had to prepare questions, what would you ask? The silicon products are used to make electronic components.

thankyou! 'x'

That should not have been that difficult to code fffff why so hard html?!

A special Christmas to mah waifu, teek_chan, for getting me a paid account for one of my rp journals and another for vivider for getting me paid account time for another rp journal. You're both awesome. <3

Merry Christmas everyone. ♥

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> >; I was told that if I had my AIM in my profile and then posted, I'd get a Trout. It's for the lulz.



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Hey look! I'm pimping!


:D Now I get an extra skip....

Jun. 28th, 2007


When you comment, tell me who you are and why you're commenting. Bribery will not be accepted, but flattery will. :D Threats will be considered...so put extra effort into those.

Example of an acceptable comment:

Hey! It's Ammay and I want you to add me 'cause if you don't I'll force you to watch "Meet the Robinsons" and "Dr. Who"! >O (ILU Ammay. :D)


Hey. I'm _______ and I saw your artwork somewhere and ended up here. Can I be your friend so I can watch out for more artwork. 

Unnacceptable comment:

HEY BITCH! ADD ME! (Only Emmy can do this. Because she's the only one that I believe can fullfill the threats she threatens me, the threatee, with. o____o)

Much Love,
Kate :D